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“Dare to be different.” ~ Shellice Beharie

Our company, Blacklisted Couture, is a new clothing line that specializes in hand-crafted couture garments tailored to fit full-figured women, sizes 10 and up. We pride ourselves on designing unique, high quality, edgy, fashion forward garments that embrace and compliment a woman’s figure. The collection is Glam/Goth Rock inspired and largely appeals to young, sexy, bold & fearless women.


Shellice Beharie is a Los Angeles based Fashion Designer who brings bold, stylish, edgy solutions to sexy, full-figured women. Her cleverly named collection, Blacklisted Couture (founded in early 2012) grew out of necessity, offering full-figured women alternatives to their mundane wardrobes, transforming them into fearless Designer wardrobes.

This collection’s aim is to bridge a significant gap in an otherwise deficient and underserved market sector. Seemingly frustrated with the typical unflattering, unstructured plus size silhouette, dowdy prints and lackluster designs, Shellice created a line of clothing that dares to be different. Her designs not only make a statement but challenge the “rules” of the fashion industry.
Some may view Blacklisted Couture’s use of the color black as playing it safe; however the dark edgy version of the “little black dress” has become its signature staple.

Backlisted Couture’s use of stretch knits and textured leathers only adds more of an allure to its hard edged designs. Debuting its Fall/Winter 2013 collection deemed Rebel Warrior, Blacklisted Couture will continue to push the boundaries of fashion and stand strong as a future leader and innovator of Designer Plus-size Fashion

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