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Shellice Beharie (AKA thelondoncarter) Owner/Designer of Blacklisted Couture was born in Boston, Massachusetts. By the time she was 16 years old she had traveled extensively. Exposed to many different aspects of human challenges, she learned that character strength, creativity, ingenuity and perseverance are key attributes to a successful career. The appreciation for people and their cultural diversity has inspired her. Intrigued by art, Shellice picked up an amazing dexterity for design.

Graduating in 2003 from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with her degree in Fashion Design, Shellice had the privilege to work with some of the industry’s best in fashion, music and entertainment. Her experiences include interning with Designer Michael Luis Asis Herrera, protégé of Karl Kani (The Godfather of Hip Hop/Urban fashion). She worked side by side with Candace Berry, Universal Music Group’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Shellice also interned with Creative Director Don Morris and Fashion Editor William Henry Rawls at The Sources Magazines where she learned different aspects of editorial fashion.

In addition, to having worked and interned for others in the industry, she also had her own street wear line (Ritch Girl Designer Urban Street Wear) from 2003-2005. With her experience, Shellice’s fearless approach to design breathes new life into an otherwise marginalized market sector of Plus size fashion. With her dark edgy designs, structured garments, textured fabrics and definitive lines, this young talented Designer makes no apologies.

                                 DESIGNERS BIOGRAPHY

Shellice Beharie

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